Capel hosts a programme of activities for students and we are always open to new ideas. Activities include pool, table football, table tennis, board games, and craft making . 

All centres have a common room or space to spend break times and there is also a quiet room in our Enfield campus if you prefer space to relax or think.

At Enfield, there are also items that you can take out onto the field for example footballs and cricket.

The activities team also organise regular student events, such as the Fresher's fair, fundraising events, speakers and this year at Enfield a Christmas talent show, please speak to the activities coordinators if you want to be involved.

Enfield also offers a lunch time clinic with 4YP every Tuesday in A9 where there is access to speak to an NHS nurse and pick up free condoms and confidential advice.

Check the Student life blog above for common room opening times, lunch time activities and student events.

Activities team

Caroline Howard
Activities coordinator & mentor
0303 003 1234 ext. 1172

Jaimie Squillino
Activities coordinator & mentor
0303 003 1234 ext. 1172

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