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  • We need you, more than ever, to join us in supporting the 700,000 autistic people in the UK, this event raises awareness of the ambitious plans to transform our society into one that truly works for autistic people.

    THE MOONSHOT VISION – Valuing autistic individuals

    During 2022, autistic people and their families worked alongside the National Autistic Society to create a vision of a society that works for them – a vision launched this week in our ground-breaking Moonshot report. Throughout the week, we’re taking a closer look at each of the “Future Realities” – the five things autistic people told us would together make up a society that truly works for them. 

    We’ll know that society works for autistic people and their families when it:

    • Values autistic individuals
    • Maximises autistic power
    • Guarantees support
    • Adapts public spaces and services
    • Is free from discrimination

    A society that values autistic individuals understands and appreciates what autism is and how it is unique to each individual.

    To truly value autistic individuals, society must recognise the depth of uniqueness to everyone’s experiences of life. This also means acknowledging that many factors can impact on an autistic person’s life, including other prejudices, biases and traumas. Society must also appreciate that there is no “one size fits all” approach for autism and that every autistic person will have an individual profile of their sensory differences, needs to be met, strengths and challenges.

    Public understanding and attitudes are at the heart of this – and it is these, not autistic people, that need to change. 

    To

    Watch this video busting some myths around outdated myths about autism, told by @autismfromtheInside a you tube channel run by Paul Micallef who was diagnosed at at 30 years old. He says: Autism affects many (if not all!) aspects of our lives, so on this channel, I want to show you what Autism looks like in real people and give you some insight into what's happening for us on the inside. We'll break down myths and misconceptions, discuss how to embrace autism and live well, and share what it's like to be an autistic person.