• Mental Health Awareness

    People touching hands

    Mental Health Awareness Week is happening between 9 to 15 May 2022.

    The official theme is ‘loneliness’ and, across the week, we encourage you to build meaningful connections with your friends, family, colleagues and communities.

    With this in mind we will be making some noise to encourage those connections within our own community here at college.

     With exams approaching, and the end of year in site we are aware that stress levels amongst students and staff are hitting new highs.

    In a world where mental health is now being recognized and talked about, we want to make next week about helping each other to make that difference, understanding our connections, can help us to know where to go for help, and how we can help ourselves.

     Please Join us at Enfield On Tuesday 10th and Look out for similar events at your campuses through out the week.

    Tuesday 10th of May – 11am – 2pm in A1/2.

    Please bring your classes – or drop in yourself.

    Explore our ‘Let’s get Connected’ Mental Health Awareness Event,

    ·      Food and Music

    ·      Art and crafts (Make a Mindful Box)

    ·      The benefits of Journaling

    ·      Explore your web of Connections

    ·      Share your stories

    ·      The power of kindness

     Wednesday 11th May: Join us over lunch time between 12:15 – 12:45 for a staff v’s student game of rounder’s.

    (please let me know your interest in this so we know if we can make this happen)

     Thursday 12th – Staff Training (Students – do something that makes you smile)

     Friday 13th: Random acts of Kindness

    Encouraging Acts of kindness, you never know when this could make a difference to someone’s day.

    • Drop that compliment
    • Buy someone a Coffee
    • Do a good deed (and expect nothing in return!)
    • Look out for some resources we will share to help us all realise that others think we are amazing too!