Women's Day

International Women's Day

STEPHANIE IJEOMA LADELE Founder of the Environmental Conflict Mediation and Women Development Initiative, NigeriaUse your social media to join the challenge #CapelManorCollege #ChooseToChallenge #IWD2021

A challenged world is an alert world, and from challenge comes change. So let us all choose to challenge. How will you help forge a gender equal world? Raise your hand high to show you are in and that you have committed to choosing to challenge and to calling out inequality.

At the College we celebrate women's achievements. we raise awareness against bias, and take action for equality. See people at Capel Manor College shout out to our amazing female heroes:

Please see our inspirational profiles links of amazing women working in all sections of society including more info on Stephanie Ijeoma Ladele Founder of the Environmental Conflict Mediation & Women Development Initiative, in Nigeria, plus many more.

My Story: A small insight into being a single Mum

In 2002, I became a single mum of two. My son and daughter have now grown into beautiful adults and I am proud to say, I think I have done a damn good job. It has not been easy but it has certainly been a life experience, and made me a stronger and independent person.

I have been their doctor, teacher, nurse, maid, cook, referee, heroine, provider, protector and, at times, Superwoman, and have worn my cape proudly. So I would like to give a big shout out to all the single mums out there and say 'keep going and stay strong'.

My GranThese are Jaimie's Inspirational women

 From left my Cousin Vicky, My Aunty Lynne, My Granny, (My uncle, also a great inspiration even though its not his day today) (That's me) My Mum.

Whilst all the women in my life are an inspiration to me, really my tribute is to my Gran - our founder - a women who, in many ways, was ahead of her time as she wanted to be a journalist.

However, at the time that she was born, 1918 in Lancashire, it was not an expected route for a women, and so this was something she did not achieve. She achieved great things in her life anyway and was an entrepreneur way before that was even a 'thing'.

She raised four children and raised them to know that they could reach for the stars. She encouraged us to be free thinkers and to know that we may not walk through our life following a path that people expect of us, but that we could choose to walk the path that was right for us, even if it meant defying conventions. We all try to live by this lesson.

Mia and jess from foundation learning dress up for International Women's DayPlease Get Involved

Can you add to our ‘international women’s day hall of inspiration’? please tell us who your inspirational woman is, it could be someone well known or it could be an unsung hero, perhaps female who is a relative, friend or someone you know in your everyday life that you would like to celebrate.

Tell us why you are inspired by them, what they do, and perhaps a little about their journey. You can send these in any form you like – we welcome videos, photos, PowerPoints or even links to the person you would like to celebrate.

Please send these to jaimie.squillino@capel.ac.uk and we will make a display of these on Moodle student Information.

A bit of IWD fun

Feel like dressing up as the person who inspired you? If you are in college, come in dressed as your inspiring women, if you are home working, send us a picture to accompany your information.

Jess and Mia dressed up to celebrate their favourite Women in history.

Mia chose Mary Poppins because she represents someone who is kind, caring and strong. Jess chose Florence Nightingale because she was extremely career focused and gave up her life to care for others.

Please check out Leanne Estell's presentation about her inspirational women

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