The Peer mentoring scheme

Mentoring is an opportunity to support and encourage students aged 14-19 in a number of ways such as; adapt to college life, complete course work, develop independent skills, Peer Reading and develop self-confidence.Peer mentors work closely with Student Services and receive full training before being matched with their mentee. Peer mentors are requested to meet with their mentee for a minimum of 10 hours throughout the year. The time of mentoring session is agreed between the mentor and the mentee themselves (during break and lunch times).

Mentors are requested to attend an additional training session three times a year.

Ground maintenance

If you are interested in volunteering in the grounds working alongside our Professional gardening team to gain more experience, Learn new skills or build confidence then our unique gardens are the place for you.  Volunteering can take place on non-college days or weekends throughout the summer.

If you would like to find out more details about joining the team please contact

Animal care

Are you an Animal Care student?
Finished your five Days Volunteering?
Still looking for more opportunities in animal care?

Look no further as you can still continue to volunteer through team Capel. We need volunteers throughout the year to keepthe animals happy, enriched and healthy. Some of our four legged friends need walking, grazing and grooming. Mara, Wallabies and King Parrots need hand feeding. Rabbits and Guinea Pigs need grooming, collection of grass for grazing and feet pampering! All our reptiles love bath time and need help with washingbehind the ears.Iguana and Bosc Monitor needs supervising as they love a ‘walk about’. Our Tortoise love to go out for a walk on a sunny day but need a friend to go with. Email for more information.

Common room

We  are currently  looking for Volunteers to help run the common room at lunchtime. This opportunity is Monday to Friday in term time and duties include: entrance sign in, student monitoring, supporting students and tiding after use. If you would like more information please contact or to find out more.         

Last modified: Thursday, 22 March 2018, 4:45 PM