This week is Anti Bullying week, one kind word. 

 We fully stand united against bullying.

 Bullying is not okay - ever, we consider how our words can have a huge impact on others, and how what we hear on the outside, can sometimes turn into our own self talk. 

One kind word starts with here. 

Our call to action: 

·         Ask if someone’s OK. Say you’re sorry. Just say hey.

·         In a world that can sometimes feel like it’s filled with negativity, one kind word can provide a moment of hope. It can be a turning point. It can change someone’s perspective. It can change their day. It can change the course of a conversation and break the cycle of bullying.

·         Best of all, one kind word leads to another. Kindness fuels kindness. So from the playground to Parliament, and from our phones to our homes, together, our actions can fire a chain reaction that powers positivity.

·         Speak kindly, not only to others but also to yourself.

·         It starts with one kind word. It starts today.

Get Involved:

·         Video yourself saying one kind word (or sentence), or draw and take a picture of your kind word or phrase: please send it via to we would love to share these on Moodle and with our Marketing team. 

·         Please do be respectful, no swearing, derogatory terms, or nudity. By sending in a video you agree for the clips to be uploaded to our Moodle platform for fellow staff and students to enjoy.

Last modified: Friday, 19 November 2021, 12:36 PM