• International Day of Happiness

    A person hold a pebble in the colours of the Ukraine flag

    UN Resolution 66/281 and 65/390 Recognises the relevance of happiness and wellbeing for human beings around the world and the important part that plays in a balanced and well society. It was decided by the united nations it 2012 that this would be celebrated on the 20th of March each year and the first ever celebration was held in 2013. 

    This year the theme is Happiness for all, Ukraine - to support the Ukrainian Crises and the statement below has been issued by the United Nations International Day Of Happiness Founder Jayme Illien: 

    If we lose democracy, if we lose freedom, there will be no global goals for sustainable development, and there will be no global happiness or well-being for all. So let the word go forth at this time and place in the great story of all of us, that the 2022 International Day of Happiness theme, Happiness For All, Ukraine, is a call to action to all people, all nations, the United Nations, and all humanity to stand with the people, government, and country of Ukraine, and ultimately, to stand for the happiness of all civilization, and all humankind.

    Please find out more on the theme and how to get involved https://happinessday.org/ ;

    We will be running a fundraiser for the Ukraine so please watch this space for more details on this in the next couple of weeks.